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  1. revmichellehopkins says:

    Unfortunately…very true.  The Lord bless you.

  2. Matthew Egan says:

    Most people do not know these things. Jesus was telling his disciples to make ready accordingly because they will need to defend themselves after he was crucified, and others who were under their care (this is biblical law).

    You are correct, but I feel that we must ask God to guide us, and not the wisdom of men. I feel that it is important that we are armed and that we maintain our power as a civilian population.

    We are approaching Marxism, and that is when genocide happens historically.

  3. cornmom2002 says:

    This makes sense and thank you.

  4. WitnessOfNewLaodicea says:

    Dont fight. Youre talking about one kind of spiritual encounter, and she is talking about the God of the Bible. Instead of telling someone else they don’t know your god, exchange information and test your conceptions about God. The Almighty God, who is Jeus Christ, is not offended when we ask for confirmation or credentials. He is honored and delighted to prove Himself and show you how alive and aware of you He is. If your god can’t tell you its name, I would keep looking. There’s better…

  5. revmichellehopkins says:

    As Jesus was telling them, each instance should be in keeping with following the Lord’s leading. Many times God told his people to completely inihilate an entire city – men, women, children – even the animals. Does that mean we are to go around killing entire cities (like the elite)? No. Of course not. The Lord’s instructions for each instance are specific to that situation. Listen to what He tells you before you procede.

  6. illimar777 says:

    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as light.

  7. cornmom2002 says:

    Jesus also said to love your enemies and turn the other cheek. So what does all this mean? Thank you for responding. I don’t know the answers but seek daily.

  8. revmichellehopkins says:

    Luke 22
    “35 Then Jesus asked them [the disciples], “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”

    “Nothing,” they answered.

    36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and IF YOU DON’T HAVE A SWORD, SELL YOUR CLOAK AND BUY ONE. 37 It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’ and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.””

  9. cornmom2002 says:

    Hello. Please tell me if I’m wrong. Doesn’t God judge the nations? It appears to me this nation is under judgement. Perhaps the 60 million abortions and gay marriages have all to do with it. The pride, the abundance of bread and the lack of activity. I never see children playing in the streets anymore.

    I’m a new sub Michelle. You have an awesome voice. I think guns will limit divine protection. Our God opens the earth and swallows the enemy. I enjoy praying with you.

  10. revmichellehopkins says:

    My God actually created me – the aware me behind my physical eyes. He created my aware spirit. I did not create my aware self. The God who created everything that exists did.

  11. Shannon Bramlett says:

    That is a pretty awful question. In my terms of “god” there is no name nor physical description of such an energy. It is the awareness that we are! How could you be, without the awareness of thee?

  12. Omar Oyola says:

    Do you Christians really think we jusy go to heaven or hell and thats it. We know nothing of god or what happens after death. We can only do what good we can here before our next journey. Dont just sit and wait. Change the course of the future for good. Thank you Michelle

  13. NuMaiVremPamant says:

    I agree with you, we should be happy things are developing so fast and wait for the end. But many people who have not found Christ want to fight it and they dont realize it’s almost impossible to stop things now and are putting their hopes in the wrong places, instead of Jesus Christ.

  14. revmichellehopkins says:

    What is the name of you God?

  15. Oriannubis says:

    it’s weird, those who say they know god, are afraid, and revel in apocalyptic prophecy. And those who really do know God see and know of great love and happiness, their world is full of beauty.

  16. elmer phudd says:

    this is the same guy who said God told him there was going to be a nuke explosion in d.c. several years ago. why would anyone listen to this false prophet after that.

  17. revmichellehopkins says:

    I cannot support this. It isn’t scriptural. And for me, I cannot be involved in inciting revolution. This is the excuse for the enemy to call us terrorists and behead all Christians. Each Christian must make his or her choice as to what they believe the Lord would have them do. Whatever your choice is, I pray the Lord gives you wisdom for the days ahead.

  18. NuMaiVremPamant says:

    God will extend our days only for the Love of Christ.
    The only thing that can stop it is a Christian world-wide revolution.
    I now how it sounds but it is the truth.
    w w w

  19. Don Carnes says:


  20. revmichellehopkins says:

    VALID POINT. Even Alex Jones wakes saying, ” All this just can’t be true…” Then reality seeps in. Of course it’s true. What can we do about it? Today a cartoon with a few anti-Islamic words came out in France and 20 French embassies around the world closed down. Our words are powerful! We need to use them to awaken people. And to make change. Another power we have is our vote. The more who know, the less likely all evil will succeed. But, according to Biblical prophecy…come it must.

  21. funkateer17 says:

    When the chaos really starts, the powers that be will probably divide and conquer the races by sending out Agent Provocateurs, posing as white Militia members, to shoot ethnic minorities. This will also create an excuse to order soldiers to target innocent white people.

  22. funkateer17 says:

    I’ve been following the gradual implementation of the New World order for over 2 years now, but there’s still a little part of me that can’t fucking believe it’s actually happening. Is there really nothing we can do? Come on now, there’s BILLIONS of us!!! Can’t someone organise something?!!

  23. revmichellehopkins says:

    The Lord bless you and your loved ones as well. Thank you for watching and for your encouragement. (o:

  24. yahsswordswinger says:

    @revmichellehopkins i totally agree,and the bible is oure guide,and as you say,Jesus told us all regarding the rapture,HIS second coming and the tribulation we will face as the trial,and there shall be a great falling away and the antichrist must first be revealed! God bless you sister

  25. Swervv LS says:


  26. revmichellehopkins says:

    Millions of Americans agree with you. (o: “Lord Jesus, lead MB77 to the job You want him to have. Thank You for doing so. I ask it in Your name, and for the sake of Your glory. Amen.”

  27. MegaBryan77 says:

    i just want a job

  28. revmichellehopkins says:

    Former Army Major – who now writes Army doctrine states:

    Part 2of 2

    “…This will give the givernment a “green light” to declare marshall law, disarm the citizenry, and hand over control of this nation to a world dictatorship. This my eyes will see unless Jesus returns. May God help us all!”

  29. revmichellehopkins says:

    Former Army Major – who now writes Army doctrine states:

    Part 1 of 2

    “I find it inconcievable that any force would launch a ground invasion opon the USA… Too much land and too many key infrastructures to control. I would say that I believe that this land has been infiltrated by Russian, Chinese, Cuban, and other enemy forces who will, on order, create choas and foment insurrection.